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Исполнитель: Mr.Taylor

Название песни: Intricate

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As my reflections fade out
I watch how trust is becoming so fragile and worthless
Take this vermin from my heart
All my intentions are dead
They paralyzed by incredible sense of disappointment
Sincerity looks like a victim of eternal objective to perfection
Decaying illusion of deceptive salvation
So lift your hands to the air and ask «Why do you always ignore me?»
But nothing change, scream loud as you can, you never looked so funny in their eyes

I see foundations breaks

I swear I know
These things will never change

This is defeat
Endeavor to apologies
Escape from nothing
I never meant this
When I restore my memories
You will never see what happens
Your eyes are so wide closed
In this selfish world

Condemned to live in fear
And fall apart

Clean these voices
From my head
Take them out
Time after time
Repeat this circle

All these vices
Will divide
Confidence, sincerity and misconception

Will revive the purity
The scales of disappointment

I’m lost in these visions of weakness
And I’ve never felt so intricate
I swear I can’t see now
And I always remember
How I choked in the lies of regret
Oh, how did it come to this?

I’ve become the emotional sickness deceiver
I’ve seen it all but why now I'm still waiting for something

Mr.Taylor / S.Alexeevich - Intricate
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