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Исполнитель: MarQ Markuz

Название песни: S.O.S

Продолжительность mp3: 03:26

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Текст песни:

1 ver.
girl u're blowin' my mind
by your lovely sight-sight
i can feel it inside
every day and night-night
you and me are far-far
but tonight i fly-fly
to yyooouuuu...
i can't believe it, it's true

so many days i missed-missed
for your sweetest kiss-kiss
be with you - it's wish-wish
and without dis sh**-dis sh**
you're my princess, knock-knock
oh my darlin', wake up
and drive to airport
i can wait no more

my heart burns like a sun-sun
and every bit of body
dream about yo lips, hey listen
it's hard life,
it's my life...
babe babe babe, gimme love

S.O.S, my lady!
S.O.S, my sweety!
S.O.S, my lady, sos
I need you, girl!
2 ver.
don't you see?
that I'm dying of waiting, my gi-gi-girl
i'mma fly in a plane, don't you kno-kno-know
by myself i break my plans and deals,
so you must gimme gimme,
so you must gimme gimme...
everythin' what i wanna...(woof)
you know what i need, what i wanna (woof)
s.o.s, shawty listen to me,
you're my angel lady
you're my angel lady

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