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Исполнитель: LITESOUND

Название песни: Shooting Star

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Текст песни:

When you walk
You look down
At the cracks upon the ground
Trying your best not to stumble in the night
But you miss
So much more
Than you've ever even known
Hiding there right behind the city lights
It's lonely windy cold where you are
When better days are somewhere so far
windy wish
You'll catch a shooting star
A flash across the sky
So will you fight for love?
When the road is tough
Catch a shooting star

Let's pretend
Like it is
Our first night on the earth
Close your eyes and you'll smell the flowers bloom
When the sky
Turning black
Feel my breath upon your neck
Turn around but there's no one in the room
It's lonely windy cold where you are
When better day are somewhere so far

When you are up against the world
I'll be there and I'll hold you in my arms
When you're crying (или broken) and feeling small
Catch a star falling down and the miracle will come

Litesound - Shooting Star [Christmass Music Video!]
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