Лара Фабиан и Игорь Крутой

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Исполнитель: Лара Фабиан и Игорь Крутой

Название песни: Mr. President

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Текст песни:

Lets try to make a plan
To save a children`s Earth
How can we change our minds
And stop this maddness
Today is our last chance
To keep a planet safe
Power and money
will not follow us to the grave
Hey Mr President
How will you save your loved ones from this now
Tell me that Yes we can
Yes we can
Hey Mr president
How will you make your mother proud and safe
changing the history

Music is all I have
To ride and hold you charmed
Will you hear every note
I say to your heart
Tell me how can we help
To make a better day
You know I just can not help
Believing in what you say

The situation is serious
ewerywhere on the planet
we need to raise all voices
we need to change all minds
Temperatures rising
Winters are getting longer
Who cares? Well I do
May be you do too?
It`s not only for you
Its for all children

Концерт Лары Фабиан и Игоря Крутого Mademoiselle Zhivago
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